Intro to Gestalt Work with Alexandra MacCracken
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Gestalt Dreamwork

Gestalt Dreamwork rests on the holistic model that dreams are the production of the dreamer (except in a few unusual instances) and that all the parts and characters are actually parts of the dreamer seeking to express themselves.  Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt, held that dreams are often ignored aspects of our personalities, or problems that we are facing through the dream. In this unique approach, the dreamer is invited to retell the dream in present tense to the coach; with the coach’s guidance, certain symbol elements of the dream are asked to “speak for themselves,” wherein the dreamer is speaking as the element itself.This technique often reveals to the dreamer heretofore unrealized pieces of information and realizations that can enrich and guide the dreamer’s ongoing process of healing and growth.

 I practice the model of dreamwork as presented in The Chocolate Covered Umbrella, Discovering Your Dreamcode, by Tilda Norberg of Gestalt Pastoral Care.