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About Gestalt Leadership Coaching

About Gestalt Life Coaching

"Coaching is a partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential and desired outcomes."
--Gestalt International Study Center definition.

Gestalt Life Coaching is a way to support who you are, then explore where you want to go, and finally discover your breakthrough toward a freer, fuller life. Click below to sign up for your complimentary breakthrough session.

Gestalt is a holistic approach which includes mind, soul and body—which are all a part of you and all these aspects of you have something to say! I am certified through the Gestalt Institute Study Center, and I listen to you through the medium of Gestalt concepts. From our discoveries we then create a process for you to really explore your options, decide which ones to follow—then empower you to act!

 “According to the theory of Gestalt therapy, the primary task of every organism, is to have successful and satisfying contact with others. That is, to interact with others in ways which permit it not only to survive and grow, but also to fulfill itself.”—Dr. Sylvia Crocker, noted Gestaltist and author of the book, A Well-Lived Life, Essays in Gestalt Therapy.

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