Intro to Gestalt Work with Alexandra MacCracken
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What Others Are Saying…


Alexandra is always present and engaged.

Alexandra offers the promise of possibilities.

After and Interaction with Alexandra I feel expansive & resourceful

After working with Alexandra, I feel energized and inspired to take action.

Alexandra will not let you down. She comes through with love and competence.

I would say, "Give yourself the gift of working with Alexandra, she exudes love."

Alexandra is so present, loving, observant and kind. She cares about others happiness.

From Alexandra one can expect honesty, gentleness and a belief that things can get better.

I would ask her for assistance with traditional Gestalt work as well as more somatic/body-type issues.

I can count on Alexandra to be present, to be authentic, to truly listen, and to really consider things.

Alexandra has been helping me to discover my best self, and to work on ways in which I can live that most authentically.

When I have approached Alexandra for help, she has always given be her undivided attention, and has taken my concerns seriously.

Alexandra listens and responds with regard to my issues not her own. She is focused and usually accurate in any guess or reading of my inner work.

Alexandra gives special attention to the expressed needs of others. She will even shut herself down to assist a colleague to become more involved.

Alexandra is a warm person who creates space for individuals to just be. Her countenance creates a presence that is disarming, engaging and encouraging.

Alexandra helps me with personal goals, actions I want to accomplish, and may have wanted to accomplish for years! Letting go of the resistance to success.

I value Alexandra's openness and spontaneity. When I knock on her door, she doesn't just say "come in," she sings it! It makes it sound as if she is just delighted to spend time with me.

Alexandra gives me coaching to do what I want or need for myself. Also, she helps me understand what I am aware of in my body and inner self. Spiritual uplift and discernment of God’s guidance.

Alexandra almost always (i should never say “always”) makes me feel better about our encounter, about myself and the world ( or whatever we are working on together) in general. I have a smile upon my face and better awareness and understanding in my mind.

I can count on her to listen intently and to provide me with genuine feedback and/or suggestions. She does not judge or criticize someone for acting and/or behaving differently than her. She has seemed to be accepting of all individuals from all walks-of-life.

Alexandra's "promise" would be to listen intently and she will summarize each individual's information in the most beautiful way possible. Alexandra has a wonderful way with words, where she can describe a situation or experience that paints a picture for each person to relate to.

I also greatly appreciate her creative ingenuity. She has an honest and untainted spirit that she embodies, which she brings to each session effortlessly. Every time I speak with her, she provides me with such a warm, positive, and supportive perspective that I appreciate greatly. She also helps me remember to BREATHE!!